VIP Spaces/Boxes

Treat your customers to an unforgettable experience!

Benefit from the widespread media coverage and global exposure of this world class event to boost your company’s international profile, organise your PR actions or simply enjoy some quality time with the family.

You can now book your VIP room or box by downloading the form below. Alternatively, contact the Monte-Carlo International Sports team who will be pleased to advise you on the options available for your PR actions during the Monte Carlo Padel Master.

Booking Form

Click on the button below to download the form to book your VIP Room or Box.


The VIP box includes:

  • 6 seats facing the court
  • Your company’s name at the box entrance
  • An official programme of the day’s events for each of your guests

Considering the extended hours from Monday to Friday, the number of seats available on these days is double (6 morning seats + lunch and 6 afternoon/evening seats + dinner) bringing the total number of invitations for the entire tournament to 72.  

  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday: a ‘Welcome Pack’ containing your company’s brochure, our partners’ brochures, a gift from the organisers and gifts from our other partners.
  • Admission to the VIP Lounge (600 m2) for all your guests, including beverage service throughout the day: soft drinks, mineral water, coffee and tea.
  • Catering service providing lunch between 12h30 p.m. and 2h30 p.m. and dinner from 7h30 p.m. to 9h30 p.m.
  • Champagne and wine service during meal times.

Box + VIP Room

In addition to the box (see previous details) you have at your disposal a private lounge with a capacity for 6 people and including the following services:

  • 12 m2 lounge
  • Your company’s name at the entrance to your space.
  • Furniture in your space (sofas and low tables, lamps).
  • Catering service including a waiter for your VIP ROOM.
  • Champagne (12 bottles) and wine service during meal times.

A hostess to welcome your guests.